Your one-stop resource for print-on-demand textbooks in Japan

Wouldn't it be great to print your original class material as a textbook? We can tell you from experience that it is. It makes your class seem more professional. The students bring all of the handouts from day one to exam time. It's also another source of income. You can sell the book to the students yourself, or through the school bookstore, at the price that you choose. Just ask us how. makes the whole process easy.

We are English-speakers who live in Japan and print in Japan. This guarantees you:

  • High quality books
  • Fast production - under 3 weeks from PDF file to box of textbooks delivered to your door
  • No-hassle communication in English
  • No minimum order
  • Low price - under 1,000 yen per book for orders over 100
The process is very straightforward. You send a PDF file by e-mail. We'll send a set of printed proofs for you to approve in under a week, by regular mail. If the proofs are OK, we'll print the books and send them anywhere in Japan.

Here are some example prices;

60 pages
B5 size
100 copies
97,500 yen total cost
975 yen per book

60 pages
B5 size
60 copies
74,8000 yen total cost
1,246 yen per book

Please contact us for more information or for a free consultation about your printing needs. We have helped numerous teachers in Japan to become published authors by publishing their own material themselves. Let us help you.